Battle of Dagobah




Galactic Alliance

New Republic

Zann Consortium


Confederacy of Independent Systems

Commanders Attacker

Gilad Pellaeon

Commanders Defender

Darth Nihilus


Forces Attacker



Viscount-class Star Defenders

Nebula-class Star Destroyers

Scyth-class battlecruisers

Sabertooth-class cruisers

Tri-Scyth-class frigates

Bothan Assault Cruisers

Ground Army:

MT dropships

Venom Assault Troopers

Galactic Alliance Marines

Galactic Alliance Infantry Troopers

Galactic Alliance artilley

Mobile Proton Torpedo Launchers

T1-B Hover tanks

T2-B Repulsor tanks

AAC-1 Hovertanks

AAC-2 Hovertanks

T-47 Airspeeders

Jedi Adepts

New Republic commandos

New Republic Troops

New Republic Vanguards

Bothan Spies

Wookie Warriors

Canderous-class assault tanks

Missile Attack Launchers

F9-TZ Transports

MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannons

Bantha-II cargo skiffs

Infantry Support Platforms

Zann Consortium Mercenary Assault Squad



Droideka Mark II

Slaves of various species


Forces Defender


Ravager II

Lucrehulk-Class Droid Control Ships

Separatist Dreadnaughts

Separatist Destroyers

Storm Fleet Destroyers

Lucrehulk-Class Battleships

Bulwark-Class MK 1. Battlecruisers

Providence-Class Carrier/Destroyers

Munificent-Class Star Frigates

Wavecrest-Class Frigates

Resucant-Class Light Destroyers

Ground Army:

B1 Battle Droids

B2 Supre Battle Droids

DSD1 Drawf Spider Droids

W-Series Destroyer Droids

OG-9 Homing Spider Droids

Ground Armored Tanks

Armored Attack Tanks


Vulture Droids

Heyna-Class Droid Bombers


Anti-Air Cannons

Proton Cannons

Blue Shadow Virus Bombs


Victory for the Galactic Alliance

Casualties Attacker



Casualties Defender



The Battle of Dagobah was a battle that took place on Dagobah between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Alliance.

The BattleEdit

The SIS found out a week before the battle that the Galactic Alliance would attack Dagobah. The Confederacy didn't saw any importance in the planet and decided to only station a few thousend battle droids at the planet and planted a few Virus bombs. The Galactic Alliance called a entire fleet under command of Gilad Pellaeon. The CIS had no fleet in orbit. So a combined force of the Zann Consortium, New Republic and Galactic Alliance was deployed. When they landed attilery striked at them, Killing many soldiers. The Galactic Alliance deployed StealthX's to take down the Attilery. The Droid had to retreat. The Commander of the Droid Armies, Tactical Droid TX-204 had prepared for this, he activated the virus bombs. The Virus spread quickly, infecting the troops. Then admiral Darth Nihilus appeared with a large fleet, blocking the way of the Galactic Alliance. But the Galactic Alliance managed to break the blockade and was able to land more troops which had suits to not getting infected. The Galactic Alliance won, but suffered heavy losses.


The planet is mostly uninhabited due the virus effects. The infected troops died of the effects of the Virus. Making the planet useless to the Galactic Alliance.

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